Who would be you?

The other night Brian and were having a very important discussion.

If a movie were made of us, which actors would play us? This could be based on either looks or personality.

It didn't take us long to decide, and we both agreed.

The character of Jackie McCobb will be played by Drew Barrymore.
The character of Brian McCobb will be played by Sean Austin.
For those of you who know us, do you think these are good picks?

Out of curiosity...who would you pick to play you?


Rita Loca said...

Yes. Spot on! I guess I would pick Meryl Streep for my part and Clint's would have to be Robin Williams!

Brenda said...

When I was a blond I would have chosen Meryl Street, recently someone suggested Betty Boop but I am sure I don't have her curves!

Unknown said...

What about Andy Bernard!!!! Was he not a contender!?! If he was standing far away and I didn't have my glasses on, so I had to squint really hard that would soooooo look like your hubby!


Unknown said...

Laughing at your mom's suggestion of Robin Williams! Yes he is hairy like someone else I know! and Meryl Streep for sure for Rita or Conan O'Brien! hahahahaha (See Rita, got you back for the age posts on FB)

For me, Katherine Bates or Barbara Streisand, and for Agustin - um, George Lopez or Cesar Milan!