The Lord's Day

My Sunday involved:

  • Getting dressed for church in a hotel room while Little Einsteins blared on the TV.
  • Eating breakfast (blueberry muffin and hot chocolate) in the car.
  • Seeing old friends from college at church
  • Watching Brian carry in a casket after church (a church member passed away last Thursday and the funeral was today.)
  • Climbing over the backseat of the car looking for dental floss while driving on the highway.
  • Chaning five horribly stinky diapers at several different locations.
  • Arriving at new church smelling like mini-van. (and like horribly stinky diapers.)
  • Watching my two year old throw up all over the dinner table of the family we are staying with tonight.

You just never know what a Sunday will hold.

How was your Lord's Day?


Sarah Joy said...

Hey what is it about toddlers and puking all over the host's things??? Mine did that too, along with the really toxic diapers. Traveling always 'brings out' the best! It's good to have a format like a blog to record these days.

Kathy said...

How nice to see you blogging again! :) What a day! It's a good think your stomach is settled and you're not getting sick! Well, we had a restful Sabbath and then went to an American Women's Club Thanksgiving dinner--fun!

Rita Loca said...

Our Lord's day was spent, unfortunately, dealing with some spiritual toxic diapers of some spiritual babies.