Today my Lexi Joy is two days old. My how time flies!
Today we worked on getting her birth certificate, the nurses at St. Petersburg Hospital were very friendly but weren't quite sure what to do with us.
Today my sister in law is making me empanadas and that makes me happy.
Today Lexi smells just like a newborn baby and I like to squish her cheeks.
Today Elena and Abbie played dress up with Baby Lexi. Over and over again.
Today we weighed Lexi...8 1/2 pounds?? Seriously? My babies just keep getting bigger and bigger!
Today I remembered what those horrible contractions felt like and I decided to think about something else.
Today I'm really glad I married a Good Man who watches the girls while Lexi and sleep.
(We didn't sleep all night, we both just ate and ate.)

Today was great.


Gecko said...

Man, she really is a strapping wee lass, lol! She sure has got great cheeks for squishing ....
Congratulations to you both, and so pleased your parents were there to share this with you.

Unknown said...

Congrats on your baby girl! I loved following your blog when you had your last baby. Are you going to be sharing a birth story? Would love to read it ; )