Elena and a List (because I love lists)


Has it really been almost a month since my oldest turned six?


That's first grade. That's reading. That's maybe loosing a tooth. Tying shoelaces. Learning to ride a bike....


Why do they all just keep growing, and growing, and growing?



Here's a random little list of things I'm feeling very grateful for today:

1. The memories of birthday cupcakes with pink frosting. Sticky goodness everywhere!
2. A cloudy day with a hot cup of coffee in hand.
3. Watching our church grow and grow and grow.
4. Thankful for my husband who does all sorts of good, little everyday things for me such as, making coffee, letting me sleep in, doing the groceries, and not caring if the sink overflows with dishes.
5. Elena loving to do school.
6. Abbie's cute accent in Spanish
7. Lexi's face covered in Jell-O.
8. The sound of the fan humming
9. My iPod, my iPhone, my MacBook and our iMac. (I will really miss Steve Jobs.)
10. Our first chocolate panettone! The holiday season is very, very near!

Quick! Ten things your thankful for, GO!


Unknown said...

1. cooler weather HERE
2. My doggie who loves me so much!
3. A hubby who irons his own shirts many times.
4. A sweet kid named Shane.
5. A hard working adult male child!
6. That delish honey spiraled ham I just snacked on.
7. Having plenty of time to play on the computer.
8. my new home!
9. my niece's blog with lots of gorgeous pictures of my little princesses whom I miss so very much!
10. YOU!