Life is now

Feeling overwhelmed and distraught today with the condition of my house. It's never clean or organized and I'm always looking for my keys. I know what's for dinner but I forgot to get it out of the freezer and we don't have a microwave (but I'm starting to really want one!)

I spend all day wiping faces, making sandwiches, filling cups and changing diapers. You know, the basic survival stuff.

And like every other woman (person?) on the planet I convince myself that if I could just freeze all the little people around me for a day I could catch up. I could clean up the mess around them, find those crazy keys, and organize my desk. Oh, and thaw dinner.

I start to feel snippy and desperate and head over to Ann's wise words (there are so many to choose from...) and I am reminded by her that this mess is life. Life is not waiting for me to get organized so that it can start, life is, all around me.


It is all from Him, it is all good, and it's happening now.

(But I'm still glad Brian took the girls to the pool for the afternoon so I could make a nice dinner in a quiet house.)


Unknown said...

I saw that little pink bed was made! Honey, with 3 little, smart, creative children, you may never feel organized!! I know you have your priorities in order, so go live in the NOW!
As always, I have to say I love your style of writing and blogging. I started blogging again on Feb. 1. I miss the blog world sometimes like I miss good friends!

Kathy said...

When your kids grow up and tell you that their childhood was "THE BEST" and they mean it, you'll be so thankful for the beautiful life the Lord gave you and the beautiful family He gave you! Blessings to you and your sweeties! Don't change a thing!!!

Mr & Mrs John said...

Right there with you, Jackie! It is a challenge learning to live in the NOW!

~Karen_ said...

It seems so long ago now, but when my kids were younger, our apartment looked like a hurricane hit the toybox and scattered art supplies/stuffed animal/pillows/toy cars/Legos everywhere! It used to frustrate me, but now I look back with some good memories of our kids playing together.
Praying for you today!

Laine said...

Thank you for this post. Thanks for being so real! I feel the frustration so often, but the joy really is in the here and now. I wouldn't trade my little people and the messes that come along with them for anything. Oh yeah, and if it makes you feel any better, your pictures of your home look like mine! =)