Dear Baby...

Dear Baby Of Mine,
Could you please stop growing up?
Thank you.


P.S. I think your chubby cheeks are cute.

P.P.S. Your toes, too.


Rita Loca said...

Yes, please!

Unknown said...

She does look so much older than she did just a few months back when you were here!

I know your 2 girls are my nieces, but I insist they are 2 of the cutest kids on the planet!! Shane agrees!

Tom & Kandice Keegan said...

What a sweet picture!

M.J. said...

My baby has chubby cheeks too!!! Her eyes make me think of the "Abster", and they also have similar, super-cute baby chub!!!!

Christine said...

Wow..she is growing up so fast. What a cutie!