I wish I was Abbie

I really do.

The girl can take a mean nap.

She will ask to go to bed for nap time, curl up with blankie, her thumb, two fans blowing and it's "Adios Abbie!" for at least two hours.

Doesn't she make naps look delicious?

I would join her but....my other two offspring think naps are the most horrible things of all time. They take them, but they're quick, fast naps.

So every day, come 1-3 PM, I wish I was Abbie. Because those hours are the WORST and I wish I could just sleep them away every day. With Abbie.


Christine said...

This is such a sweet post!

Unknown said...

awww I remember seeing her alseep here! So cuddly! and so easy to get to bed! I miss her!