The Bee's Knee's

I'm smiling because I Abbie took this picture of me and I think Abbie is the bee's knee's.

I have a lot of reasons to smile, such as, I was recently given 15 free Bum Genius diapers for my little Lexi. I think Lexi and her cloth diapers, are the bee's knee's as well.

Elena makes me smile every time she asks if she can "give my baby sister some love". Elena is definitely the bee's knee's.

Also, using the phrase "the bee's knee's" makes me smile. It's goofy and cute and what in the world does it mean?


Heather Wheelock said...

If you find out where that phrase comes from let me know, I've always wondered too :-)

Brenda said...

"Bees knee" just sounds cute together. I bet hearing the girls say it is cute too. But I always pictured a bee's knee as kind of skinny and prickly. Do bees even have knees?