Simple Days

It wasn't like we did a whole lot that day...

We went to Best Buy with my brother Josh and his wife Naomy. We bought a wireless keyboard for me.
We played hide and seek with Abbie in the aisles while the guys drooled over large screen TV's.
We went to DQ and had ice cream cones.
We all wore flip flops because, duh, we're in Florida and that's what you have to wear here.

Not a fancy day, not a tiring day, just a simple day.

But simple is good. Simple is fun. And sometimes, simple can be special.

My creation

P.S. I almost fell off the table and everyone laughed at me. Then a couple came later and sat at the same table where, only moments before, my feet had been.


momto9 said...

The simplest days are the most special to me:)

Rita Loca said...


polwig said...

That is what made childhood fun... the mundane things fun with addition of smiles and ice cream.

Brenda said...

I'm so glad that day didn't include a trip to the ER after a fall off the table~!

Yum, ice cream. Soft serve.