I'm so happy when I can find a great book that combines my two loves - cooking and photography.

I recently purchased some cookbooks that are chock full of great recipes and beautiful pictures as well. Who else likes to read a cookbook from front to book as if it were a best-selling novel? I know I'm not the only one.

My recent purchases:

Real Simple Best Recipes

Dinner At My Place by Tyler Florence

Back to the Family by Art Smith

And there are always a few on my wish list, such as these:

Apples for Jam: A colorful cookbook by Tessa Kiros

The River Cottage Family Cookbook

A photographic cookbook is one thing that will not go on my Kindle.

I guess my suitcases just got a wee bit heavier.


Brenda said...

When I get to Paraguay I want to borrow your "Real Simple" cookbook. I just love that magazine!