Bloggy Slump

I haven't been around in the blogging world much because the whole "moving to another country" thing did me in. It appears that the blogging department of my head has shut down until further notice, or at least until I can finally, finally unpack my suitcases next week in New Hampshire.

We've also been busy catching up.



And one more thing...I can't believe how neat and tidy the roads are here.

Look! Everyone is in a lane! There are no potholes! No donkeys! No old cars!

It's weird.

(And kinda boring.)



Brenda said...

It is boring, wonderfully, orderly and completely reassuringly boring. Predictably boring, soothingly boring. . . I could go on :)

Christie said...

And don't even TRY to pass a moto like they do it here!!! I was driving into town the other day with a Paraguayan, and got so busy talking that I slowed down and stayed behind the moto rather than passing it. He didn't believe me when I said that in the US, motorcycles have as much right to a full lane as cars do...