Miami - The capital city of Latin America


While waiting for our lost luggage in Miami (did I mention that before??) Brian went for a walk around the hotel just to see what was out there. Maybe he didn't want to be in a small room with four women, or maybe he was hungry, but either way he made a great discovery. A small Venezuelan restaurant right around the corner from our hotel. He brought back several boxes of our favorites. Carne mechada, arepitas, queso blanco, and cachapas con queso de mano. It was great and made the Lost Luggage Wait a little more bearable.

(Another thing that made the wait more bearable was that we are all experienced travelers and always pack a clean pair of undies in our carry-on.)


~Karen_ said...

That's so interesting, coming back to the US from Paraguay and eating Venezuelan food! :-)

What kind of food from the good ol' USA do you crave when you are away? I usually want a bagel with cream cheese, and a good Chinese restaurant.

Rita Loca said...


Unknown said...

That was neat! An added blessing from your loving Heavenly Father!