Pink Shoes


I learned a couple of things while packing to move this time around. I started packing way in advance, about a month before our departure. It seemed to help my girls accept the upcoming change a lot easier because they had more time to adjust.

I also learned, that when little girls are involved there are a lot of shoes. Most of which are pink.



momto9 said...

It'll be so nice for you to settle back in again in your new home. will you be staying in the states for good?

Sarah Joy said...

Ah yes, the shoes. I'm so thankful that my girls are old enough now to put away their own shoes. Even so, it can get confusing. One thing to avoid at all costs is getting two girls the same kind of shoe. I've done it twice, and both times I noticed in church that one girl was wearing two left shoes, and the other was wearing two right shoes. So no matter how cute it is to match them, I have to find shoes that are different.

Rita Loca said...

I miss all those little shoes!

Amanda said...

looks like all the shoes laying around our house ;)

Unknown said...

AWW so cute!We don't nor never did have any pink shoes around our house! This makes me want to go out and buy me some pink shoes!
I remember some hot pink high heels I wore back in the day, when dating Agustin!