Chores boo...Paraguay YEAH!

My apologies to all the household chores. I realize you have been piling up all around the house, and had it not been for my hero husband we would have no clean clothes to wear.

But I have an excuse!

World Cup.

It's almost over and then this house will have a wife and mother back (instead of that crazed lunatic who chews off her fingernails, jumps at every chance of goal and really believes that if she hopes strong enough Paraguay will win the Cup).

It's once every four years, I hope you understand.

Laundry is forever.

I'll be back.

Fingers crossed for Saturday! We need to beat Spain! (gulp)


Unknown said...

Understood! Same here up until today. We did get a slight reprieve as it is finally an off day and no games were played. oh but Saturday! Our eyes will be glued to the television!