Here's a sneak peak into our trip from Tampa to Miami. We drove 5 hours, stayed in a hotel room for three hours (last minute showering and napping), then went to the airport for our flight to Sao Paulo and ultimately, Asuncion.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:
Exhibit C:
Notice, there are suitcases and children everywhere.
No wonder my sister looks like she's going to hurt me.
(Sorry, Jewel, but I warned you.)

Interesting facts about this trip:
Abbie learned how to "go" on the road.
Elena threw up into a ziploc bag.
Lexi pooped through two diapers. (Dumb disposables.)
Jewel slept.
I ate way too much trail mix.
Brian drove.

Pretty uneventful for one of our trips. We're just glad it's over.


momto9 said...

ha ha yes..I can relate:):)

Unknown said...

pricless photo of Jewel and Abby!