One rainy day

It was a rainy day in Asuncion, our stress levels were high as we rushed around town doing paperwork, buying last minute things and packing boxes for our big move. The older girls were with their Grandma and little Lexi was with us. She was tired, cold, wet, fussy and so were we.
I wasn't sure how much more I, or she, could take, but we still had one more stop. A furniture store to buy a dining room table for our new house.

We went in, we picked one out, Brian was paying and Lexi was screaming.

And then, no fewer than 5 saleswomen that worked at the store rushed to my aid. They brought me coffee, took Lexi, hummed songs to her, gave her a new dry blanket from the stock room and said we could keep it. They laid her on one of the beds in the showroom, they rubbed her little hands, and cooed at her.

Within minutes Lexi was happy again and I was able to sit down and watch total strangers love on my baby.

It was then I knew I was back home in Paraguay.
It's a special place that really is full of warm, kind, gentle people.

Why would I live anywhere else?


momto9 said...

how sweet!!! Poor countries are more least that's the impression I get when comparing cultures.

M.J. said...

Jackie, this made me cry. How sweet. Here in the US, people would only be annoyed by a crying baby. What a sweet post. So glad you are HOME!!!

Heather Wheelock said...

What a great story! I remember once when Emily was newborn and we tried to go out to dinner. She was screaming as we were trying to order our food. A couple of unoccupied waitresses came over and walked and bounced her around the restaurant the whole time we ate PEACEFULLY! I LOVE home too!

Deanna said...

It's great to be exactly where God wants you to be!!

Unknown said...

Oh Jackie this made me want to cry! It also made me recall how well you were always treated in Mexico! Why is it here in the states, where we have so much more, materially, that it's rare to come across truly loving people? Well here in the city anyway. Now in WVa, well,that's quite different!

Unknown said...

oh by the way, I hope it didn't hurt little Lexi when they laid the bed ON HER!! *winks*

I'm sure your mom has told you how the servers in the hotels or restaurants in Mexico would take you to the kitchen and warm your bottles of milk for us, etc.