Color, color everywhere!

Yes, color. And chaos.

Still no routine here except for a few things:
Reading a Proverbs at breakfast
Reading a chapter of Little House on the Prairie before bed (but after Baby has gone to bed, because she is nuts with energy.)
Quiet Time in the afternoon

Other than that we're having people and things come by every day...plumbers, electricians, big dumpsters to fill with yard debris, friends for lazy Sunday afternoons on our porch, etc, etc, etc.

So yes, life is colorful and chaotic right now. I'll keep the color but I won't mind seeing the chaos go.


Christine said...

I love your simple much fun!

Kathy said...

I love your bowls! :) Have fun in your chaos--it means your kids are having a wonderful childhood!

Mr & Mrs John said...

Oh Jackie, I can certainly understand! We've just arrived in the States for furlough, and I feel like nothing will ever be normal again!
I'm trying to keep my eyes on the blessings and beauty instead of the insanity, but that's not always easy!
Patty :)