I'm really liking the sun sets right now. It happens around 5:30 pm or so which means I'm awake enough to enjoy it. By the time the sun sets in the summer I'm crawling in to bed.

We're loving the wheelbarrow rides with Daddy. The perfect activity to get out those right before bedtime wiggles.
Coffee. Friends. Front porch. What's not to like?

Tea. Husband. Candles. Darkness. Front porch.

And, another dose of our reality, you know how everyone else in the universe has clean, brightly colored crayons? I'm guessing because they can run out to WalMart and buy a new box when they start looking like ours do:


Humble wife said...

When the crayons get broken and seemingly at the end of their life, peel all the paper off of them...then melt them in the oven in a cupcake pan. I use the smaller pan as the crayons are smaller.

Some mix the colors some don't...For me I have both ways.

You and your family are quite normal, and a breath of fresh air!


doggett clan said...

I've also done the melting of the love it and I don't seem like I'm wasting the broken ones(which lately I'm finding more of them...cough cough....thanks to cailyn)