Yup. We have a puppy.

Hi. I'm Alice, officially Captain Alice, but that seems rather long for someone so small. I'm an English Bulldog and very cute. I spend my days being potty trained and following Lexi around (she drops food often. I like this.) Mom thinks it's cute that we both have wrinkles and rolls.

Playing with three little girls makes me tired. That's when I let Abbie rock me to sleep in the hammock.

I'm tiny now, only 8 weeks, but I'll get stocky soon.

My latest adventure has been meeting Grandpa's new puppy, Janus. She's a Great Dane and she's huge. I try to ignore her.

Like I said before, I'm Alice...you'll be hearing from me again.


R Lennon said...

She is stinkin adodrable!

Christine said...

Lexi is adorable chasing the puppy.

Brenda said...

Ahhhh, so cute! Hope we keep seeing picture :)