Did you see it?

We took a break from all the house projects to watch the Royal Wedding. Oh yes we did!
Our lovely British friends got up at 5 o'clock (the one in the morning!!) to tape the wedding. We then went over to the house for a full English tea and Royal Wedding viewing. The only requirement: Small princess wannabe's must come dressed as true princess'.

And so they did.

(Please excuse Princess Abbie. She had to go pee-pee.)

My favorites:
I loved the dresses. Especially Pippa's dress! Wow!
THE kiss on THE balcony.
Prince Harry riding in a horse drawn carriage with all the children of the bridal party.

Did you see it? What was your favorite part?


Kathy said...

I tried to watch it live (it was around supper time here), but our internet was so slow that day (as it can be occasionally) that I got to see the Beckhams arrive, then a glimpse of the dress, and then just buffering until the 2nd balcony kiss! :) How fun that you got to have an English tea party complete with your princesses! :)