Bedtime Woes

A re-post from my old blog. To busy to blog right now, so enjoy this oldie!

There's nothing like saying, "It's Bedtime!" to turn a happy child into a sad, sad, sad, pathetic mess of tears.

My guess is that Elena believes we throw parties after she has gone to bed.

(Because after a long day of giggles, Barney songs, runny noses, peepee accidents and endless questions there's nothing I would possibly rather do than throw a party.)

Not just any party mind you.

Oh no, in Elena's mind these parties are some kind of toddler awesome.

I'm sure she pictures elephants, balloons, giant lollipops and an endless supply of grandparents to give you anything your little two year old heart desires.

Which would explain why she is so distraught at having to sleep while we party.

Friends, we are The Meanest Parents In The World. At bedtime anyway.

If only she knew the truth...

There are no elephants. Just two blurry eyed, fuzzy brained adults, who can't wait to fall into bed and stare at the ceiling.

No balloons. Just dishes to wash, and trash to get out.

No lollipops either. Maybe just a few minuts of reading before my eyes slam shut.

As for the grandparents? They're not present either, but oh how we wish they were.

The closest we get to a party is giving each other high-five's and a hearty "Congratulations!" for making it through another day.

And then we go to bed.

Because we're tired and it's all going to start again tomorrow.

So, dear Elena, trust me on this...You're not missing anything.

And one more thing...

I wouldn't trade it for the world.