Chicken Run!

The other day we had quite the adventure. I'll let Elena tell you about it in her own words:


"Okay. Once upon a time, there was a chicken right next door and it came into our yard, and Alice was chasing it and I was screaming "Daddy! Daddy! Save the chicken!" And then Daddy stopped Alice, and I picked up the chicken. I was so proud of me! Then I was five years old, but now I'm six. And that was a very funny day. My Daddy was laughing very hard when he was chasing the chicken."


Abbie's view on that day:

"I was thinking if that chicken would get dead by Alice. I was sooo worried. I screamed very loud. And laughing too. And I thinkded that I would have to take it back to the man that the chicken belongs to. Because I was scared of the chicken. And that's it."


Captain Alice's view:

"Chicken. Get in my belly."

The End.


Kaylan said...

LOOOOVE this post. :)

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness...i couldnt stop laughing while reading this!

Kathy said...

I've been too busy to read blogs for awhile, so I'm glad I picked today to catch up! What a cute post!!! Have a nice day and enjoy those sweeties!

Laine said...

Oh my. So funny! We have a bantam (miniature) chicken that wanders the yard. Her name is Dana and she actually hangs out with our big yellow lab! They are buddies and it's hilarious. Wherever the dog goes, she goes.

Oh yes, and Dana crows. For real. She sounds like she is dying but she crows every morning! =)

Christie said...

That's sooo cute! It's funny the differences in perspective, huh? ;)