His gifts are good!

Oh my, but I am a baby in February. A whiny, ungrateful baby. I can handle the heat of Paraguay in December (Christmas distracts me!), I gather up strength for January and make it through okay...but February? The shortest month of the year? I use it as an excuse to avoid all sorts of things. Laundry, cooking, and playing outside with the girls...those things I know are okay to cut back on. But grace? Kind words? Loving my neighbor? Is high heat and high humidity (day after day after day) a reasonable excuse to put those aside?


And so every day for the past week I have been preaching short sermons to myself about praising God, giving thanks, and showing patience to my girls. Since I am a sinner I fail miserably...but I try again and again. To put aside love of self and replace it with love for others. To put aside complaints and replace with praise and gratitude.

I will be thankful because I am blessed.

Yes, there is culture shock and yes it's hot and yes I'm tired.

I have culture shock because God has graciously allowed me to live my life in many countries. It's hot because it's summer. The season of popsicles, pools, and cook-outs. All gifts from God.
I'm tired because I am the mother of three small girls who are healthy and energetic and constantly learning.

So today I am thankful because God has filled my life with His blessings.

It's messy, it's hectic ,and yes, hot, but it's beautiful and God will be glorified through it.



Laine said...

Great post Jackie. Thank you! I needed this today! It is so easy to get caught up in the problems that I forget all the daily gifts He gives. It's been a rough week around here and this was a great reminder.

You are blessing and I'm thankful for you!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!! Your transparency is a blessing to me!
Love you! MJ

Mr & Mrs John said...

Oh Jackie, I agree! February does seem to be one of the most difficult months - hot, hot, hot! Thanks for admitting that you aren't the only one struggling with your patience, either! Thanks for the beautiful photo reminders that there is always something to be thankful for!