Watercolors on Newspaper

Months ago I stumbled upon this idea on the internet: Newspaper Bunting.

I forgot all about it till one rainy, cooped up day. I didn't follow her instructions exactly, I folded over the newspaper and cut out triangles so that the crease was at the top.
Then I gave the girls some watercolors and let them go crazy.


After they dried I rubbed a glue stick on the crease of the triangle, folded them over some string and hung it from my mantle.


Clearly, I should have been folding laundry instead of painting, but...I wasn't. So who cares?


It is a well known fact that I decorate my home with my kids artwork. I think it makes the place look happy, don't you?



Laine said...

So cute! I will have to try this with my kiddos. Thanks for the idea!