Cuddling while watching cartoons.
How cute is that?

I've decided to let the girls watch one DVD per day. That afternoon slump when Lexi is especially clingy, dinner needs to be made, and my spiritual maturity is waning... I figure if I just DECIDE to let them watch one every day then I won't feel guilty when it happens. The way I see it, it's better for them to cuddle together on the couch watching a cartoon then to be cooped up in the hot, steamy kitchen with a mommy who will loose her patience. I'm just not very good at 4 pm. Time to accept that and move on.

Right now I'm thinking one DVD a day will help our days go on a little more peacefully. And peace sounds nice.


Heather Wheelock said...

TV time during dinner prep is the BEST! Good thing we moms know how to make dinner in the time it takes for a 30 minute video to end! Thanks Rachael Ray :-)