Baby finds carrot


Baby finds carrot under table.
Mother does now know how long it has been on the floor.
Nor does she care.
Baby is quiet.

Yesterday was a long, long day.
I waged war on the ants in my kitchen. It's the same war I wage every summer in Paraguay. I always loose, until the cold winds come again and then they die. I've tried everything (cornmeal, grits, salt, pepper, etc.) I have not spread ant poison on my counters, that seems a little much.
I was homesick for somewhere but I wasn't sure where that was.
I'm so done with culture-shock. (Except I'm not, which explains everything.) Honestly, this city we're living in now is so different from Asuncion. I sometimes feel as if I'm in a different country.
But yesterday is over and we're moving on to today!
Have a great weekend!


R Lennon said...

Your kids will grow up thinking that its the most normal place in the word and everywhere else is strange. Funny how that works. Hang in there!

Kathy said...

Ants can be terrible!!! When I lived in the tropics I used to rub the counters with garlic and then make a "moat" of dish soap around the edges of the counters. If they ventured into the "moat" they would drown! Good luck with all the things you are trying! What did you folks do in the jungle? Hug those little darlings of yours and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

For your ant issue...if you can get a product there called Terro, GET IT! It will have them all marching away in 2-3 days. Plus it's not too toxic since all it's made of is liquid Borax (soap).

Laine said...

Ant problems are rough. We had major problems a few years ago. Terro Ant bait was the only thing that worked for us.

I lived in Puerto Rice as a child and I remember that we always had ants.

Hope you had a nice and perhaps restful weekend.