Where I live...


New languages are all around us in this city, from Chinese to Portuguese, to Spanish to English, to Arabic...it's a long list. I only wish I could learn them all in this lifetime.
I find myself understanding Portuguese a bit better but I wish I had more time to dedicate to studying it.
Perhaps the next best thing is to make sure my daughters (who have minds like sponges) will learn it. Once they are fluent I will appoint them as my translators.
In this picture, after church service a few weeks ago, Abbie is teaching her beloved Tia Bi the English word for common objects and Tia Bi in turn gives her the Portuguese word.
(Yes, Abbie wore her pink polka dotted rain boots to church. She wears them everywhere. )


Laine said...

We have a native Brazilian in our church and she is in the states for college. Every time after she keeps the nursery, Levi knows a new Portuguese word. I love it. He knows "I love you" really well and many times we'll say I love you in English and he'll reply in Portuguese. =)

Unknown said...

aw so sweet! Such a poignant photo too! I wish I were close to Abbie or Elena so they could teach me something too. These wonderful photos you share are great but make me miss those precious little girls oh so much. Please let them know Tia Pam thinks of them every single day! Especially on days we make pancakes! I'll never forget how Elena scarfed them down then picked up her plate to lick it afterwards before asking for more pancakes!!