Hangy Thingies...?

It's Tuesday.
Which means I blog about the latest simple craft the girls and I have made. Hopefully these fairly simple ideas will help your days be a little easier, simpler, more fun and memorable. It's so important to keep those littler fingers busy, isn't it?

We took paper plates and cut them in half. We each got two halves to paint with watercolors. Then we took long strips of tissue paper (we had yellow and pink on hand), glued them between the two paper plates, and then hung them from the ceiling on our patio.


A little splotch of color and we like watching the ribbons flutter on breezy days.
Making these was better than spending the afternoon watching cartoons.

(Which is what my girls are doing right now while I type this. Ha!)


Unknown said...

I can't wait 'till Sami gets a little bit older and we can start doing crafts together! She has finally started coloring a little, so I think in a few months maybe we'll be ready to start. Hopefully by her 2nd birthday we'll be able to have at least one craft day a week. :)

Laine said...

Hangy Thingies are exactly what I would call them. =) My children made something similar in Sunday School and they are hanging from their fans in their rooms.

Unknown said...

Tell the girlies that I LOVE LOVE their art work. Those are adorable decorations. I think we might do that in Children's church Sunday except have cute out heart or cut the plates in shapes of heart and hang them in our room for upcoming Valentine's Day. Lessons about how much Jesus Loves Each One of Us will accompany the art!