Making Crowns

What is there to do in that one hour between supper and bedtime? That hour is usually pretty awful around here what with a tired mommy, hyper kids, messy kitchen, blah blah blah.
Sometimes I read aloud to them but lately our very active ten month old has not allowed for that.
So...crafting came to the rescue this day.
A simple crown made out of aluminum foil.
We decorated them with crayons to keep messiness to a minimum.





Tell me: What do you do during the last (and maybe hardest/longest) hours of the day?
Any ideas that will hopefully not make the messy house any messier, the tired mommy any more tired, the hyper children any more hyper, would be greatly appreciated.

Or maybe I'm just dreaming?


Laine said...

I am not sure I have any good ideas. =) Our little man (17 months) goes to bed atleast 30 minutes before the older two and that gives us some quiet reading time with them.

After dinner though we usually have a family clean up time where we all clean up the kitchen or whatever needs it. Then if it's not quite bed time we let them look at/read books to help them wind down. They really love that.

Your girls are so cute. I've been reading your blog for a long time and it's been fun to watch them grow. =)