Christmas craft...a little late.

I realize we're past Christmas and some of you mommies out there wish I had posted this, you know, before Christmas.


I have three kids.

(I use that excuse a lot these days. For laundry, for late meals, for skipping out on things...)

Anyway, it's the Eve of Christmas Eve and I didn't know what to do so we decided to craft. I would like plan on doing one every year, a tradition! I am the matriarch of traditions and that's feeling good right now.

On to the craft...I took three empty artist canvas' that I had laying around and we used them to make christmas trees out of handprints.

Lexi's hands are tiny, chubby, cute, and hard to keep still.

Then we took small circles made out scrapbook paper and glued them on, like ornaments.

Walah! Cuteness that can be pulled out ever Christmas season.

And before you congratulate me on my great crafting creativity...head over Meg's blog and see where I got the idea from. (love her blog!!)


Unknown said...

Yeah, totally wish you had posted that before Christmas! We could have done it with Sami & the Sunday school class. Hopefully I'll remember that idea for last year. I've done something similar to make roses. One year I did a dozen roses with my daycare students. I drew the stems and then dipped their hands in red paint for the roses. Another year I drew a fancy stem with a couple of thorns and some leaves and then added their handprint for a single beautiful rose. I put a poem with it. I'll have to see if I can find the poem to tell you. :)