I love Three!


Abbie has declared that she will be Three years old forever. Let's be honest here, if you had to pick one age to be forever, wouldn't you choose Three? It's the best. Abbie certainly thinks so, and I gotta tell you, Three suits Abbie very well. She is an excellent Three year old.
She made this declaration when I expressed how sad I would be when that (not so distant) day of their leaving my house arrives. I didn't want to be left alone...I need babies in my house! Elena basically said, "tough luck. I want to be a grownup" but Abbie had compassion on me.
"I'll be three forever. I'm not going to grow up anymore."

If only it were true.

Oh and one more thing, Abbie also says that Jesus should not come back ON a cloud. He should come back IN the moon. She says it will be like a big airplane, but without the seats (Obviously! Because if it weren't for the seats, airplanes would be a lot of fun!) and it will be full of toys. Jesus will be driving the Moon to Heaven and will tell us stories on our way there.

Just thought you should know.


Brenda said...

If I were as cute as Abbie I think I would stay 3 forever as well!

Unknown said...

She looks so much like Jewel in that shot!