Random Furlough Memories

Memory Number One: This photo was taken one week before Lexi's appearance. I was convinced I was in labor, I know I was, but my Dad told me over webcam to "Stop! Stop at once! We'll be there in a week! Just wait!" and wouldn't you know it, I obeyed. The contractions stopped, nothing happened, my parents arrived a week later on Thursday afternoon and my water broke on 1 AM Friday morning.
But, during the false alarm the week before, I called up my brother and sister-in-law, "get ready!" I told them, "Baby is coming." So they came over and sat on the couch and watched me not be in active labor.

Good times.


Memory Number Two:
The one and only picture of my girls in the snow of New Hampshire. Notice the creative angle? The exact camera settings? The perfect exposure?
Of course you don't, that's because I stepped outside for all of 2 seconds to take this one picture and then retreated inside again. I would have taken many more pictures of them outside in the snow except for the fact that there was snow outside. Also, the girls were never in the snow. We lived inside all winter and moaned and groaned whenever we had to walk outside.

"No! Please! No! No more snow! Take us to Paraguay! At once!!" Thus, their very happy faces. (not so much)

Again, good times.


Unknown said...

aw but their coats and boots are so cute!