Milkshakes, or so we thought.

Brian said he knew of a place that had milkshakes. Milkshakes?? For real?
Off we went and sure enough, they have milkshakes.
They're just not good milkshakes. (A glass of milk with about, oh, a tablespoon of ice cream added.)
The girls had a good time in that last hour before bedtime. Usually we watch the run around the house wondering what to do with them, but on that night we decided ice cream was in order.

While the milkshakes were disappointing we did see a picture of a sandwich which looked an awful lot like a steak and cheese.

Two nights later we went back and ordered one.
Turned out they were too salty, plus they added chopped hard boiled egg on top of the meat. Sacrilege if you ask Brian.


And thats the news!


Betty W said...

I´ve given up on finding a good milkshake in Paraguay.
What I thought was hilarious was Lexy´s face on that last photo. She´s like: "what the heck is the matter with my dear sister and father?" haha

Brenda said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun anyway. Every now and then those little adventures pay off.