I love to browse through other photography sites, and have always been amazed at how people can dress their children in cute, matching outfits and get them to pose for them.

"Why...I can do that!!" I think to myself.

Since I put so much effort into what my girls wear (not) I just let them put on whatever.

"Well, maybe they don't match, and maybe they are wearing a bajillion different patterns, but I should get some cute poses, I think."

"Do something cute!" I tell them.

This is what happens.


Oh well.

I don't know why I expect more.

After all, my children are 50% Vernoy.


Proof that goofiness is inherited.


M.J. said...

Notice, Brian is the only one with a "normal" face!!! LOL

Kathy said...

I think she's cute and adorable!!!

Unknown said...

argh, you're ripping my heart out! that is too too much cuteness in ONE post!! Loved her Pippi Longstockings look!

Unknown said...

just showed this post to mom and Nora and Vicky. We laughed and oohed and awed!