Eggs, Paper, Paint, Sandwiches


Today is over and it was a good day, but I'm Tired. (Yes, with a capital T!)

Abigail learned how to make her own peanut butter and jelly sandwich today. She was very proud of herself and told me to "tell your computer I can make my own sandwiches." I think that's her way of saying "please blog about me and my new skill."

So there you have it, computer. Abbie can make her own sandwich.
She also made this painting which I really, really like. I think I might frame it for their play room in the new house.


One of the reasons I may be so tired is because I found two weeks worth of eggs smashed on the floor.
(Alice thought they were AWESOME.)


I won't name which child did this, but here is a picture of a certain someone fleeing the scene.


Dear Lexi,
That's a lot of eggs,
and they smashed on top of the construction paper
that I bought downtown.
Going downtown is a nightmare for me.
No more ruining construction paper, please!
a Tired (with a capital T) Mommy


Laine said...

I feel your pain, lol! My Levi and your Lexi would make quite a team! =) Hope today is better!

~another Tired Mommy =)

Christine said...

I hear ya, girl, I am one tired mama, too! My Olivia is rocking a mullet too! So cute!