We started off with having Eggs In A Hole. Or Eggs In A Basket. Or Man In A Boat. I've even heard of them being called Toad In A Hole.

I love them!

Morning was beautiful, we had a rock hunt in the yard and then the girls painted the rocks with my last little bit of paint in the house.
(Blurry picture, but very accurate.)

I spent the rest of the day talking to myself. Scolding myself actually.

"I'm so sick of waiting to live. When do we start living? We've been packing/moving/packing/moving for over two years now. What gives? When does it end?"
And then I say to myself, "Self, stop complaining. You have a roof over your head. Count your blessings. You are living. This might be the last day. Enjoy it."
And then Grumpy Self says, "I hope it IS the last day. I'm tired. I don't feel like a mom. All I feed these little people is PB&J. Our days feel like a Dr. Seuss book and I want out."
And then I say to Grumpy Me, "The girls love PB&J! And they love Dr. Seuss! You are a mom, every day, like it or not, so be a good one. Circumstance don't decided that!"
And then Grumpy Self says...

You get the picture.

Do you ever have to chew yourself out?

Then came my least favorite part of the day.

5:00 pm.

Brian asked what I needed. I needed two things. Would he please keep an eye on the popcorn popping while I went to the bathroom and could he take over Lexi's bedtime.

I couldn't do it. Not tonight.

As always, because he's perfect for me, he stepped in and saved the day. (Thanks Hon!)

I gave the big girls some Ginger Honey Tea to soothe their runny noses and sore threats. They sipped on it while I read from Little House on the Prairie.

Maybe I do feel like a mom after all.


R Lennon said...

I talk to myself like that all the time. :)

Brenda said...

I really like the way you put this, one of the hardest things about missionary life for me was those times of transition, months of living out of a suitcase, or in someone elses house or in temporary housing. At times it actually made me physically ill. I just think some of us have greater needs to nest and nurture and those in between times are particularly stressful for us. I hope that building this house will give you a more permanent place to be in Paraguay and that your days of transition will be greatly reduced after this long episode. Meanwhile, kudos to Brian for being so supportive, I could not have made it without Bob.

Laine said...

Moving and being in between is rough. We aren't missionaries but we moved 6 times all within 7.5 years. Last March we lived in a little camper for over two months in the driveway of the home we live in now because it was no livable on the inside.

It is a constant battle I think to be content in the place you are at. So much to learn from every situation!

Thanks for sharing, you are an encouragement to me. =)