My thoughts on photography

I've been thinking a lot about photography lately. I might be starting a small, photography business.

Or I might not.
I can't really decide.

The reason we bought my SLR camera was because I had learned how to use my point and shoot to the max. There was so much more I wanted to do but couldn't because the camera was limited. I feel that my life is pretty interesting, and I want to capture that. I think my kids are pretty cute and I want to remember all the cuteness. I didn't buy a fancy camera to make money. I bought a nice camera so I could remember small, but important, details about my life.

Like, how during this rushing season of our life, where our days seem to revolve on building a home, we spend some afternoons at my mom's house. Jayde and Elena will watch The Cosby Show while eating a snack.

One reason I hesitate about a photography business is I'm not very good at setting up a scene or picture. Photo shoots don't come easy to me. I am creative, but creativity leaves me exhausted when I force things to happen. Dressing my kids up in cute matching outfits and setting up a pretend picnic scene with helium balloons sounds like a great idea to me, but I will become frustrated and short tempered when the kids don't cooperate. I'll have cute pictures, but not so good memories.

However, if I happen to make a stack of pancakes for dinner and place them in front of my freshly bathed 3 year old, with wet matted hair, and pink Sleeping Beauty pjs...good pics and good memories.

Abbie thinking. She does this a lot.
Elena, rolling down a grassy hill in Grandpa's yard.

Lexi, and her awesome blue eyes.

The only reason I'm considering a business is because I have a few wants right now. Not needs, wants. A small photography business would supplement some cash for my wants.

But is photography fun when you're being paid to do it? What if clients show up with an idea I just can't stand? What if I get stuck in a rut? What if I don't feel like setting the perfect picnic scene with floating balloons? What if I get so busy that I neglect my kids? I don't have any training! What if my camera breaks while taking pictures of complete strangers and then I can't take pictures of my kids? What if I just plain don't feel like taking pictures?

(See? It's a whole bunch of crazy in my head.)

We'll see what happens.


Betty W said...

It´s a hard decision to make. My daughter wanted to start a part time photography business on the side, but after checking into the going prices/rates she came to realize it would be more expense than "earnings". The rates down here are really cheap and she says it´s not enough for the stress that it causes her.

Jackie said...

Betty, yes! A photography business here is completely different from in the USA. I will only do this if I can reach higher end clients who are willing to pay lots. How conceited does that sound?? :)

Kathy said...

One nice thing about having your own business is that you can work when you want and how often you want to and charge what you want!! You do have a talent for photography (yes!) and we'll be praying for you!