Our Weekend

We had a busy weekend. Well, maybe not busy compared to a USA busy weekend. Seriously, life there is FAST. How do you all do it?

Busy for us, our little slow moving family in a country known for being "tranquilo." (calm)

Here is a glimpse at our busyness:

1. We played with balloons.

2. Lexi read some books, one of which happened to be about balloons. What are the odds??

3. We had church and it was good.
4. We made a double batch of Easy Yummy Oatmeal Cookies.
5. Captain Alice escaped from her kennel around 3 AM and made a HUGE mess in the living room.
6. Brian and I went to a birthday party for someone we barely know. Then we left because, hello, we barely knew the person.

And there you have it! Our busy weekend.

That is all certainly busy enough for me! I am very easy going and I don't like rushing. At all.

How was your weekend?


Betty W said...

We had a family gathering at our house. That´s 15 grown people to feed. Busy for me. So today I´m going to take it easy.
Love the pictures of the girls!

Laine said...

Wanna trade weekends with me?? =) Your's sounded restful,lol!

Mr & Mrs John said...

Oh Jackie,
Right now I am so missing my "busy" weekends in Ghana. We've just been back in the States for a month, and my girls asked if the only Americans do is drive around in cars and eat :)
Thanks for a moment of peace!
Patty Sommer