My girl, forever and ever.

Me - "Elena, will you be my girl, forever and ever?"
Elena- "Yes."
Me - "You'll never leave me, right? Like, get married and go somewhere else?"
Elena - "Oh dear. I was planning on getting married someday."


I love her soooo much.


R Lennon said...

I remember when I would ask my little girl the same thing...and she promised she would never leave us...should have gotten that in writting! :)

Laine said...

Awwww, so cute! Caleb used to always tell me that I was his Cinderella and that he was my prince and he would stay with me forever and ever. But recently he figured out that since he's a "man" he's got to grow up and get married and leave mommy. Bu he did tell me that he's going to live right near me and come see me everyday. =)