Food and Laundry

Some of you asked who cooks and who does laundry if the Mommy is always playing.
Good question! :)
I do all of our laundry on Fridays, and I still cook. We only eat one big meal a day (lunch) and eat very light for breakfast and dinner.
Also, my wonderful Husband has made it a priority to work from home as much as possible. His office is here and while he does have to go out often, he is usually at home with us.
I was raised with my dad being around and for many years his dad worked from home too. We saw the richness this brings and felt it important for us. We realize that it is not possible for most families to have Daddy at home, but we thank God that our Daddy can be.
We respect his time and try to leave him alone so he can study and work, but in a pinch ("Honey, I'm elbow deep in raw hamburger and the Fripits needs to go potty!") he jumps in like Superman and saves the day.

Also, having Daddy around he has seen how difficult it is at times to do those nitty-gritty, deep cleaning or organizing with small children. I'm thankful he doesn't demand a lot of me and usually reminds me that those things are not important for us in this stage of our life.

He's awesome.

I'm blessed.


Brenda said...

Its awesome, so true. My kids grew up with dad around a lot and it was great. I think thats why we are so close (maybe thats why we work so hard too, they actually saw dad working lots of times)

Betty said...

You are blessed! Good that you see how fortunate you are to have this extra help at home and have such a willing partner who shares your daily life at home!

Unknown said...

That's such a precious photo! Yes I've observed Brian as a daddy and of course we get to read about all of his "wonderfulness" here! Never take it for granted. My hubby was very "hands on" with the kids. He didn't think twice to bathe them or fix them a bite if need be. When they are sick, he is actually better at meeting their needs than I am. I just hug and cuddle and wipe noses. I can administer meds, but Agustin seems to naturally know what to do to comfort them and make things better for their condition. It is a HUGE blessing! And even though he doesn't work from home, we do homeschool which affords for Shane to see much more of him than if he were in traditional school.
Love you and hope you're feeling better!

Anonymous said...

you have a wonderful man!!