Playing Hard

Most of my days are spent playing. We paint, build with blocks, push toy strollers around, watch Barney, sing songs, build forts, make messes.
I've tried routines, schedules, cleaning house with them by my side...and I have a hard time staying happy. I get very frustrated, my priorities fly out of order and I dread getting out of bed in the morning.
So now, we play.
One day they will learn to do dishes. (I hope)
One day they will entertain themselves.
One day I will wake up and see that all the diapers have been changed and the youngest is potty trained. Then, I will dust the top of the fridge.
Until then, I play.
I would rather be the "cool" Mom on the block with the messy house. The one who lets you eat cookies on the couch, and stay up past your bedtime.
Much better than Mean Mommy.
Much better.


Betty said...

I did not play enough with my girls. So just enjoy and you´re right. The day will come, when you can clean the fridge soon enough!

Anonymous said...

Since children learn by playing, I'd say you're on the right track! Have a fun, wonderful, and blessed week!

Brenda said...

I miss playing. . .waiting for the grandkids!

I left you a prize today!

Christine said...

You are an awesome mama! Thank you for the reminders. I thought you might like to check out a page that I scrapped at scrapblog:
Their pages are so easy to do. Another great way to get more pictures scrapped.Blessings!

Anonymous said...

You are doing exactly what God called you to a Mom.....the top of the reidge does not matter to your girls, and when it does, they will be big enough to clean it for you.

I cherished the paly time!! We still play in different ways, but we talk lots together, too (boys also!!) and, I would sacrifice a clean house for all this at any time!!! They will be grown and gone before you know it, and there will be nothing but time to clean the house!!

p'slifegoeson said...

You're such an inspiration! Lord willing, I can't wait to have some littles of my own = ) Thank you for sharing your stories

momto9 said...

hmmmmmmmmmm that's awesome but who does the laundry then and the dishes and the food...who makes that??:) I'm just curious!

Unknown said...

Cute post but I feel it was targeted at me!!! *smiles*

This post just proves we are all cut from a different cloth. I wasn't the type to relax enough to play unless there was some semblance of order around me. I'm still that way to some extent, health pending. Of course, I worked out of the home with my first one, so my mind was always on "I'm so behind!" mode. I would re-do those days if I could. I was much more relaxed with Shane, with the blessing of being a stay at home mom.

Keep playing!

Amity said...

Yeah..I like playing too..but I ask the same question that Tereza does? Who feeds you and I know you guys don't wear dirty clothes ;-)

I don't think Gilbert would go for the whole.."sorry the house is a disaster and there is no supper ready but we were playing"...hee..hee.