The Fripits

"How did she get the nickname Fripits?" I've been asked that so many times since starting this blog, and it's good question.
You have to know her Grandpa and her Dad to understand. They have this habit of making up names for people. Other drivers on the road, waiters, people they meet...anyone. If your name is Rebecca, they will call you Mildred. If your name is Mark, they will call you Horace. I don't know why they do it, but they do.
Our oldest daughter has had many, many, many nicknames given to her by her Daddy. He just comes up with them, and when she was about 1 year old The Fripits finally stuck. It just seemed to fit her best. Here's the long list of nicknames he tried out before he finally found THE FRIPITS.
  • Lay -Lay
  • Frank
  • Frippy Tippy
  • Frankenstein
  • Steve
  • Henry
  • Frips
  • Googenstork (I promise you, I am not making this stuff up)
  • Goof Noof
  • Happy Face

There are more, many more, but those were the most creative.

{The picture above is of The Fripits wearing my wedding veil. It TOTALLY freaked her Daddy out.}


Unknown said...

I LOVE her LOVE her LOVE her! And her nickname, Lay Lay has stuck with us!

momto9 said...

freaked her daddy out huh?:):) To cute!!
I'm glad to have found you! I used to read your private blog but then you stopped updating it.

Brenda said...

We do that too. And we have never called Rebecca's BF by their real names, it has always been, "the football player, the hick, the geek, the democrat and my all time favorite, the Satan is a nerd guy (because once wore a tshirt that said that).

The descriptions seem to work a lot better :)

Betty said...

We don´t really do "nick"names, because in german it´s kind of different, but I think yours are so cute!

MaMa Vaughn said...

cute...very cute!

Rita Loca said...

We called you 'Sugar pumpkin noodle head'!

Amity said...

I thought I was the only I mean goof ball that makes up totally random names for my kids. Lets see....Emilio is sometimes "Buster Brown" or "Baby Chou Chou" and Gabriela answers to "Matilda Jane"...I'll stop sharing now lest people think I am completely crazy ;-)