Summer Fun (And winter too!)

It's been a while since I posted a fun project for the Littles. Here's one we did a few weeks ago when it was especially hot outside. I froze small plastic toys in some cups with water. Then we took them outside to melt them with the water hose. You could also put them in the bathtub with the kiddos. (That's if they are at all willing to tolerate cold water which the Abster is NOT!)
This only took about two seconds with our heat. Oh, I'm exagerating. One second and a half.

For those who are not in summer months right now, I direct you to
this post about cool things do with ice in the snow. Have fun!


Betty said...

Great suggestions. Kids love to play in the water and mud. Mine loved to suck on ice too.
I left you something at my blog. Take a look....

Anonymous said...

Good article, good things, good feelings, good BLOG!