Lazy Taxpayers Bipartisan Burger

You have to try these.
You really, seriously, honestly do.

The Lazy Taxpayers Bipartisan Burger (Paraguay Version)
Your favorite hamburger patty recipe
Jarred jalapenos, seeds scooped out
Fresh slices of pineapple
Sliced yellow cheese, preferably cheddar (or cheda as they call it here)
Grill the patties, pineapples, and jalapenos. Stack on top of toasted buns, place cheese on top. NO condiments needed. Trust me.
This is soooo good, the flavors are amazing and unique.
Inspired by the Noble Pig.


Betty said...

OHHHHHH! Now I am so hungry!!

Rita Loca said...

They are good. Hot peppers for McCain and Arizona. Pineapple for Obama and Hawaii.

Unknown said...

I just made burgers on my George Foreman grill and believe me, they didn't look like the one in your photo! That looks out of this world delish!

Brenda said...

Jalepenos and pineapple? Not sure about that combo. . . but if Brian makes them, I am sure they are great!

Unknown said...

Did you add a few more photos on this post? I don't remember seeing the partially eaten burger pic.

Oh thanks Rita for the explanation! I was wandering what made the title - bi-paritsan!

MaMa Vaughn said...

Yummy...those look great!