Two things

Today was historical.

We all know why.

This is not a political blog, my mom is much better at that sort of thing.

Two things, and then I will move on to Mommy blogging again.

1. No, I didn't vote for him.

2. This picture made me smile.

Over and out.


Anonymous said...

That is a great picture--however the new picture on the top of your blog is awesome!!! Hope you have time to read tonight!

Betty said...

I´m with Kathy. I like your new picture too. Awesome!

Unknown said...

Cute header!
Yes the two Obama girlies are adorable and seem to be adjusting well.

You'll like this tidbit: After Barack's speech, he walked over to his seat and when he arrived by his eldest daughter's side, you could read her lips saying: "That was a good speech dad." I loved that! It was so real, something Shane would say or do.

Brenda said...

I felt proud to be an American yesterday. We have no choice to just rally behind the man and do our best.

I saw the same thing Pam saw. She would not have said that if she didn't know it was important for her dad to hear that and that her opinion matters. I like that.

Liz said...

As a venezuelan I watched in awe the whole thing. From the crowds, to his speech, Michelle's outfit, the girls' hairdo; everything made realize how civilized and peaceful americans are.

I'm not a fan of Mr. Obama, but I cannot express nothing else but admiration for yesterdays events.

Christine said...

What a precious picture!