Crickets is exactly what I hear when I sit down to type up a new blog post. One would think that I would find many exciting new things to write about as I wander about in this country which vaguely reminds of me what I think living on another planet might be like.

But no, just the sound of chirping crickets.

And where are all my pictures you ask?

Well, first the laptop made me want to puke so I ignored her. This apparently offended her and once I was feeling much better and ready to jump back into the internet world she went kablooie, refused to turn on. She is now in the hands of a computer genius and I miss her.

So, I'm sorry little Laptop. Really. Please forgive me, I need you.

(And remember it wasn't me that didn't like you, it was the baby.)

Quick family update:

We are in the midst of missions conference season which I love, we meet lots of great people and time flies by. However, we also are exposed to germs all over the east coast and it seems we have been sick since we landed.

Get me back to Paraguay! Quick! I need to be healthy again!

Baby #3 is growing and kicks more than any other baby so far. I'm preparing myself for a very busy little one and looking forward to making the leap into the We Have So Many Children They Outnumber Us stage. We couldn't be happier.
For those who have asked, we are planning another home birth, this time in Florida. I was in a slight panic about giving birth without a hammock (is that even possible?) and my brother offered to build a frame of some sort so that I can have my hammock.
Giving birth while lying down in a bed creeps me out.

So I'm glad that's settled.

And now, back to the crickets.