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We've moved...(again!)

Happy weekend to you!

How to get a puppy dog kiss.

1. Ask puppy for a kiss.

2. Receive kiss.

3. Laugh. Because puppy kisses are hilarious.

Embrace the Camera with Daddy

Today's Embrace the Camera is all about Daddy and his girls.

(He grew up as the youngest of two boys, living in a male-dominated household and is now the only male in his home. He's tough enough to take it though.)

Baked Taquitos

(Food stylist I am not.)

So easy, yummy and kid friendly!

Beans and cheese, or taco meat and cheese, or anything you want.
Olive oil

Lay filling of choice in the center of the tortilla, wrap tortilla tightly, place seam down and well oiled pan. Brush olive oil on top and bake in 350 degree over for about 15 minutes, till tortillas are crispy.

Serve with guacamole, rice, and a side salad. (And a big slice of watermelon for dessert to finish things off!)

Girls are the best

Girls are so sweet.


Need I say more?

Tuesdays around here are the first day of the week for us, Sunday is our busiest day and Monday is our Lazy Weekend Day.

So, on this Tuesdays list:

Laundry...washed, folded and put away! (riiight)
Baking for the week
Water newly planted sod in hopes that it doesn't die in the intense sun. Where did all our rain go??
Keep up with three rascally girlies, and oh yeah...school, school, and school.

What's your Tuesday looking like?

Our Menu this week

Tuesday: Japanese Chicken and Egg Rice Bowl

Wednesday: Red Kidney Bean Curry

Thursday: Avocado and Black Bean Salad

Saturday: Leftovers

I have to say, I'm most looking forward to Sunday's sandwich, we are a family that can appreciate a good sandwich. What are you eating this week?