I'm so happy when I can find a great book that combines my two loves - cooking and photography.

I recently purchased some cookbooks that are chock full of great recipes and beautiful pictures as well. Who else likes to read a cookbook from front to book as if it were a best-selling novel? I know I'm not the only one.

My recent purchases:

Real Simple Best Recipes

Dinner At My Place by Tyler Florence

Back to the Family by Art Smith

And there are always a few on my wish list, such as these:

Apples for Jam: A colorful cookbook by Tessa Kiros

The River Cottage Family Cookbook

A photographic cookbook is one thing that will not go on my Kindle.

I guess my suitcases just got a wee bit heavier.


I've heard it said that the secret to keeping a clean kitchen is to not cook.


Phooey on clean.


My creation

The latest craze in the McCobb household has been to make silly faces for pictures. Wait a minute...latest craze? That has been the craze around here for a long time. I guess it's a fad thats going to stick around, and I'm fine with this.

Right now we are loving this awesome Florida weather...80 degrees, hardly any humidity, and blue, blue, blue skies.

We're also loving that it's strawberry season. Sometimes, we stuff whole wheat biscuits with fresh strawberry slices and freshly whipped cream (with a pinch of cinnamon and a dash of vanilla) and call it supper. More than sometimes, we do it a lot.

Notice the mess in the background? Sometimes we don't clean up before we eat the yumminess either.
It's just that good.

Strawberry Shortcake

Simple Days

It wasn't like we did a whole lot that day...

We went to Best Buy with my brother Josh and his wife Naomy. We bought a wireless keyboard for me.
We played hide and seek with Abbie in the aisles while the guys drooled over large screen TV's.
We went to DQ and had ice cream cones.
We all wore flip flops because, duh, we're in Florida and that's what you have to wear here.

Not a fancy day, not a tiring day, just a simple day.

But simple is good. Simple is fun. And sometimes, simple can be special.

My creation

P.S. I almost fell off the table and everyone laughed at me. Then a couple came later and sat at the same table where, only moments before, my feet had been.

The Bee's Knee's

I'm smiling because I Abbie took this picture of me and I think Abbie is the bee's knee's.

I have a lot of reasons to smile, such as, I was recently given 15 free Bum Genius diapers for my little Lexi. I think Lexi and her cloth diapers, are the bee's knee's as well.

Elena makes me smile every time she asks if she can "give my baby sister some love". Elena is definitely the bee's knee's.

Also, using the phrase "the bee's knee's" makes me smile. It's goofy and cute and what in the world does it mean?

Bad Mommy Moment

I found myself alone in the house with three sleeping girls. At least, I thought they were all sleeping.

It was quiet and peaceful when I remembered that I had left some laundry in the dryer...and that it had been there a while.
Not a big deal unless you are sharing two dryers with a several different missionary families on a Monday. Monday is when all missionaries do their laundry. Or so it seems here at D&D Missionary Homes.
Knowing how much I dislike it when someone leaves the dryer full of clothes, I locked the house up tight, left my three sleeping daughters inside, ran across the street as fast as I could, grabbed my laundry (which had been folded and left on top of the dryer.Oops.), ran back home and breathed a sigh of relief.
The house was still quiet, the girls were still asleep.
I peeked in the big girls room and found a wide awake Elena staring out her bedroom window.
She turned around and saw me standing in the doorway.

"Mommy, who was watching us when you went to the laundry room?"

Busted, I think to myself.

" were..." was my anemic reply.

"No, I wasn't."

"Uhmm...I asked Jesus to watch you."

"No, you didn't. We were by ourselves."

And then I laughed.

Tell me I'm not the only one who has Bad Mommy moments. It will make me feel better.

Yay for Marriage!

Happily Married, originally uploaded by paraguay4christ.

In a world that is riddled with divorce, I'm feeling very blessed knowing that the young (and not so young) marriages in my immediate family are going strong.

Hooray for marriage!

What are you thankful for today?