A home for the fairies

I had so much to do inside. Laundry, dishes, cooking, you know...but it was SO PRETTY outside!
So we went outside and Elena made a house for all the pretend fairies that live under this tree.

She was very happy with herself.
Until Lexi came along. Don't let Lexi fool you. She's cute and everything....
but when it comes to fairy houses she can be dangerous.

Dose of Abigail

I haven't blogged in a while which means you haven't seen my Abbie in a while.

We can't have that!

People, I give you Abbie.

Covered in dirt from head to toe and it's only morning! That's what our "school" looks like right now for this unstable season of life. Reminds me of Winnie the Pooh when he said, "Don't underestimate the value of Doing Nothing, of just going along, listening to all the things you can't hear, and not bothering."

It's going to be a good day!

A girl and her puppy

There once was a little girl,
Who had a little curl,
Right in the middle of her forehead,

And this little girl,
Loves her puppy.

(She's almost always good and never, ever horrid.)


I'm really liking the sun sets right now. It happens around 5:30 pm or so which means I'm awake enough to enjoy it. By the time the sun sets in the summer I'm crawling in to bed.

We're loving the wheelbarrow rides with Daddy. The perfect activity to get out those right before bedtime wiggles.
Coffee. Friends. Front porch. What's not to like?

Tea. Husband. Candles. Darkness. Front porch.

And, another dose of our reality, you know how everyone else in the universe has clean, brightly colored crayons? I'm guessing because they can run out to WalMart and buy a new box when they start looking like ours do:

Yup. We have a puppy.

Hi. I'm Alice, officially Captain Alice, but that seems rather long for someone so small. I'm an English Bulldog and very cute. I spend my days being potty trained and following Lexi around (she drops food often. I like this.) Mom thinks it's cute that we both have wrinkles and rolls.

Playing with three little girls makes me tired. That's when I let Abbie rock me to sleep in the hammock.

I'm tiny now, only 8 weeks, but I'll get stocky soon.

My latest adventure has been meeting Grandpa's new puppy, Janus. She's a Great Dane and she's huge. I try to ignore her.

Like I said before, I'm Alice...you'll be hearing from me again.

Scenes from sick days

Scene 1: Elena hangs over the couch while watching TV. "So that if I throw up it gets on the floor and not on the couch." (I brought her a bucket.)

Scene 2: Baby, healthy as a horse, helps me make a huge pile of tortillas to freeze.

Scene 3: Puppy attacks the plastic bag.

Scene 4: At my feet a constant state of motion. Did you know that babies act a lot like puppies and vice a versa?
Everyone is healthy now! Hooray! Let the blogging continue!

Color, color everywhere!

Yes, color. And chaos.

Still no routine here except for a few things:
Reading a Proverbs at breakfast
Reading a chapter of Little House on the Prairie before bed (but after Baby has gone to bed, because she is nuts with energy.)
Quiet Time in the afternoon

Other than that we're having people and things come by every day...plumbers, electricians, big dumpsters to fill with yard debris, friends for lazy Sunday afternoons on our porch, etc, etc, etc.

So yes, life is colorful and chaotic right now. I'll keep the color but I won't mind seeing the chaos go.

Just counting some of my blessings!

Fresh papaya from our yard

Coffee every morning on the front porch
Friends who love my babies
Resurrection Sunday eggs - He has made all things new!

Did you see it?

We took a break from all the house projects to watch the Royal Wedding. Oh yes we did!
Our lovely British friends got up at 5 o'clock (the one in the morning!!) to tape the wedding. We then went over to the house for a full English tea and Royal Wedding viewing. The only requirement: Small princess wannabe's must come dressed as true princess'.

And so they did.

(Please excuse Princess Abbie. She had to go pee-pee.)

My favorites:
I loved the dresses. Especially Pippa's dress! Wow!
THE kiss on THE balcony.
Prince Harry riding in a horse drawn carriage with all the children of the bridal party.

Did you see it? What was your favorite part?

What we're up to

Projects, projects and more home projects!

We moved into my parent's new to them home that they recently purchased.
The structure is sound, it's beautiful, but in need of a lot of TLC.
So we're keeping busy!