sweet potato casserole

In my kitchen today:

What are you making this year?

Happy Thanksgiving!

What I did yesterday


Went out for lunch.
Drove by our land.
Took a long nap.
Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork.
Cool weather.
Play date for girls.
No school.
Two grocery stores.
Ate salad for dinner.
Ate muffins for dessert.
Saw my dad.
Saw my sister.
Chatted with my aunt.
Chatted with my other sister.

Went to bed.

How was your day?

Big Messes

It's my favorite age...eight months. They crawl, they sit up, they "talk", they play, they eat finger foods, they use sippie cups, life gets a teensy bit easier and a whole lot messier.

But when your baby is this beautiful...messes are ok.


Sneaky girl, as if I don't notice the spilled cereal all over the table and floor.



I just want to eat her up, every single day. Isn't motherhood grand?


Giraffes and questions


"Mommy...do you sometimes wish I was a giraffe?"

"No. Why do you ask?"

"Because they are very quiet and don't ask questions. I ask a lot of questions."

And she does. She asks a lot of questions.

Recently, at the dinner table she let out a frustrated sigh.

"There are two things I don't know. I don't know how God made the world and I don't know where babies come from."

Maybe I do wish she was a giraffe.

82 Day Project Continued...

Election campaign posters...everywhere.

Dinner at TGIFridays

The days go on

Christmas garland at the grocery store.


Day 1,985

Fell asleep with chipa in her mouth.

Another Day...still don't know the number.

Zoe and Emily on the swing.

Day number...who's keeping track??

They keep me on my toes.